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Hot water storage tanks

Hot water tanks are used for domestic or industrial hot water storage. Tanks can be connected to solar heating or other heating systems.

Basic hot water tank LM

  • Size 500 to 3000 litres
  • In tank up to 2 coil heat exchangers
  • Flange 210 mm - bottom exchanger
  • Domestic hot water storage

Enhanced hot water tank LMT

  • Size 500 to 5000l litres
  • 1 to 3 coil heat for DHW + 2 heating systems
  • Heat-delivery surface of coil up to 5,1 m²
  • Heating of domestic water right in tank

Universal hot water tank LVT

  • Size 500 to 2000l
  • Up to 2 exchangers for solar and DHW
  • 14-18 outlets in 90° pitch
  • Domestic water heating right in tank

Compact hot water tank LMG

  • Specially finished for small rooms
  • Shorter deaerator, 12 outlets in a row
  • Size 500 to 2000l
  • Max. 2 exchangers for solar and DHW